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2014.03.16 Sunday 19:34

TGO Harnesses Human Power

13th September 2013--The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) launches their Green Energy Gyms – harnessing human power – in London’s iconic Trafalgar Square. Home grown, 100% British manufacturer TGO is turning calories into green electricity with its new range ‘Green energy Gyms’.
After three years of intensive research and development, TGO has launched its exclusive Green Energy outdoor gyms that empower users to generate their own green energy to charge their phone and give the surplus energy back to their community. TGO aims to create a healthy planet through installing hundreds of its new energy generating outdoor gyms in parks and open spaces. Launching in London’s iconic Trafalgar square as part of the World Triathlon Event ITU, TGO and Vauxhall motors are challenging people to use their green energy gym equipment to charge Vauxhall’s electric eco car the Ampera.

TGO offers family friendly, free to use outdoor gyms and having piloted two green energy gym sites, is now releasing the first part of its green energy range - Cardio Charge – outdoor gym equipment that generates electricity and charges your phone. Future TGO green energy gyms will be able to help light the park or even send energy back to a local building or the national grid.

The order books are filling up and TGO is preparing to export these packages all over the world. So how does it work? According to TGO it’s simple – All you need to do is get on the TGO green energy gym equipment, plug in your phone (via a USB port), start pedaling and start charging. It takes the same time as charging your phone through plugging in the wall. On average 1% takes one minute depending on the size of your device and whether or not you are using it whilst exercising.

TGO Creative Director, Georgie Delaney, says: “The Great Outdoor Gym Company’s aim is to create a greener gym choice. We all need to exercise regularly so why waste all that energy, why not charge our phones, light a community space or feed energy back into the grid? None of TGO gyms facilities consume energy and so anything generated is a bonus and can help contribute like other renewable technologies”.



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