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2013.10.06 Sunday 20:35

NASCAR's Green Efforts Make It a Sustainability Leader in Sports

16 September 2013--Five years ago, NASCAR realized that it stood in an important position when it came to becoming a leader in the nation's green movement. Hosting races across the United States where fuel was consumed and emissions were sent into the atmosphere, the motorsport sanctioning body took a look at its business platform and recognized that it could turn those environmental harms into benefits.
With that realization in the midst of the United States' economic crisis, NASCAR Green was born in 2008. Since 2008, NASCAR Green has existed to reduce the environmental impact of the sport. It accomplishes this through focusing on initiatives aimed at reducing waste and emissions along with working to create power. Perhaps what is the most impressive about NASCAR Green, is the way it has been embraced by NASCAR's nearly 60 corporate partners. Recognizing the arsenal of power it had in the companies who serve as the sport's corporate partners to truly make a difference in environmental conservation, early in the program, NASCAR began inviting its corporate partners to participate in the program. Today, 22 of NASCAR's partners are involved in NASCAR Green. The impact of NASCAR teaming with its partners to build NASCAR Green is seen in the success of the program. For instance, through the help of its corporate partners, NASCAR has built the largest recycling and tree planting programs in sports. With fans growing more committed to the green movement, NASCAR's efforts have also shown that the sanctioning body and its corporate partners continue to see the growing importance of protecting the environment. "If you are going to hold athletes and the teams out as examples to kids, then the environment is a fair thing to hold out as an example. In order to be an example, you have to practice what you preach. Over this five-year period, we've seen a lot of other sports properties find ways to offer up their visibility to help spread the word," Lynch explained. This week, NASCAR will further offer up its visibility to bring attention to issues facing the environment when it holds its second NASCAR Green Summit delivered by UPS in Chicago. The summit features an impressive roster of speakers, ranging from former U.S. vice president Al Gore to General Wesley Clark and NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France to former Stanley Cup winning goalie Mike Richter. NASCAR Green


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