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2013.08.25 Sunday 21:39

Rio 2016 Supply Chain benefits market, suppliers and environment in the Games' preparation

30 July--Reinforcing commitments made during candidacy, sustainability is an integral part of the Supply Chain Programme: waste and packaging management, minimising the use of hazardous substances, conscious use of energy and water, monitoring labour practices along the chain and developing the local market, among other things. All these matters are integrated to other criteria such as price and quality when taking decisions.
“After the Games and until 2017, we’ll be on dissolution phase. The contracts finish and we start operating assets sales, donations and returns. Planning the dissolution, which means what will be done with any particular item after it is used at Games-time, is something we think about even before the purchase and this is included in the total cost of acquisition and that’s the methodology we use to take purchase-related decisions. We aim at 100% recovery, elimination and use of goods and waste”, Cotrim adds. Besides lowering the environmental impact and reducing waste volume as much as possible after the Games, the initiative is also aimed at informing the producers on how to find more sustainable alternatives for their products. “Companies are invited to participate in training sessions and workshops on various topics required for the competition processes. Many companies still believe sustainable products to be more expensive when actually the price of a product or service may be higher but reducing costs and wasting in the value chain through the use of sustainable practices may represent a lower total cost of purchase”, the Director concluded. Rio 2016


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